These are some of the messaging obstacles we have the privilege of helping clients traverse:

  • How do you prepare the sales team to effectively differentiate our solution from other alternatives?
  • How do you prepare the sales team to handle specific competitive messaging threads?
  • How do you establish the buying criteria in a way that increases our chances of winning and is in the prospect’s best interest?
  • How do we use sales messaging to increase the urgency to buy?
  • How do we prepare our sales team to effectively handle specific common objections?
  • How do we equip the sales team with ‘real-world’ messaging that work in face-to-face and phone-to-phone meetings?
  • How do we thread our messaging into ‘conversations’ and ‘dialogues’ and not merely give ‘sales pitches’?
  • How do we facilitate the consistent use of good communication principles as well as deliver consistent messages?