Playbooks or Sales Guides are common sales tool used by selling teams.

We use a specific process for developing client playbooks that has been continually refined since 1997 and used for the development of over 1,000 playbooks.

This process is designed provide great clarity in three foundational areas:

  1. The Ideal Customer for each solution – who is a good fit and who is not.
  2. A Realistic Competitive Landscape – where we are strong and where we vulnerable in terms of our capabilities.
  3. Real-world Messaging – based upon where we realistically stand in the market and our perceived value to customers, what should be our key messages?

The Ideal Customer Profile process and artifact and the approach to building the messaging is particularly impactful for new solutions being brought to market.

In additional to the foundational elements above, our client’s Playbooks also contain the following tools and artifacts:

  • People Maps – highly visual artifact specific to the client solution.
  • Gap Chart – a chart which lists key targeted persona with a summary of their role-specific needs and specific-role objectives.
  • When We Win & When We Lose – a summary chart of best practices for winning and classic mistakes which cause us to lose.
  • Questioning Strategy – a set of specific discovery questions for the solution.
  • Structured Conversation – a recommended approach to facilitating a dialogue which leads the prospect to an interest in our solution.
  • Common Objectives – a list of common objectives and recommended responses.