Strategies on Key Opportunities

A common question sales leaders ask whenever they engage outside resources to help them improve the effectiveness of their sales team is, “How do we get this ‘stuff’ to stick? How do we get beyond just a training experience and get the team to use the approaches on which we trained them?”

One of the great privileges we have in helping clients is to work together –to collaborate – on specific opportunities which are ‘in play’. This enables us to take the learning, the sales processes, the artifacts, and the models discussed in the training sessions and apply them to specific selling situations.

We do this through a process we call ‘Flight Checks’. A ‘Flight Check’ is a highly structured dialogue with the sales professional which produces in 30 minutes a set of specific strategies and action items to move the opportunity forward.

The sales professional answers a set of questions about the opportunity by logging into the PrivateSalesCoach application. This produces a highly impactful image of where the sales professional is ‘strong’ and where the sales professional is ‘vulnerable’ on this opportunity. The sales professional also fills out a People Map. The total preparation time is under ten minutes.

This preparation and these artifacts enable us to cut through the ‘data dump’ quagmire typical of account discussions and to focus directly on strategies and commensurate action items to increase our odds of closing this opportunity.

This ‘Flight Check’ process marries the training investment with sustainable ‘real-world’ application.